Building Apache 1.x and 2.x

Compiling things staticly

Having DHCP send secure dynamic updates to BIND

Setting up openLDAP

Setting up Samba to Authenticate to LDAP

PXE/Kickstart for RedHat Linux

Configuring Solaris Jumpstart Server on Linux

Configuring 802.11b wireless cards on Linux

Getting an SSL certificate for a web server

Configuring ssh

Running ssh in a chroot'd environment

Advanced Usage of permissions and ACLs in Solaris

Cabling the Etherlite terminal server

Building an SVR4 package

Changing the hostid on a SUN server

Changing the quorum device in Oracle Parallel Server

Configuring multiple heads (monitors) in Solaris

Configuring Solaris to query DNS

Creating a new Oracle Instance

Creating an application startup script in Solaris and Linux.

Making the Solaris Operating System more secure

Installing Oracle 8.x on Solaris 2.6

Installing IBM Network Dispatcher

Configuring Jumpstart

Linux Port Forwarding

Setting up postfix as your MTA
Setting up Greylisting on postfix
Setting up spamassassin to filter spam
Setting up clamav to filter viruses
Setting up imapd and popd to retrieve e-mail
Getting sendmail with TLS/AUTH working
Configuring Sendmail on Solaris

Configuring Solaris Disksuite to use metasets for failover/High Availability

Connecting two Sun servers to the same set of disks

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